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They say every dog has his day - and this is Lockjaw's! The Inhumans' prodigious pooch takes the lead, teleporting into amazing adventures! When the Avengers and Inhumans come to blows, Lockjaw shows he has a nose for danger! With Attilan in turmoil around him, the colossal canine has his own agenda in an all-time classic tale that could only be named "Woof!" What a revoltin' development for the Thing when he spends the day babysitting and dog-walking - with Lockjaw on the end of the leash, it's slobberin' time! Plus: The humongous hound helps the homeless, has the Inhumans in dogged pursuit and goes digging for his Original Sin!
Collecting AVENGERS ANNUAL #12, INHUMANS (1998) #8 and THING (2005) #4; and material from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) #68, GIRL COMICS (2010) #2 and ORIGINAL SINS #1.

(W) Bill Mantlo, Paul Jenkins, Dan Slott, Scott Lobdell, Jill Thompson, Stuart Moore
(A) Butch Guice, Jae Lee, Andrea Di Vito, Jose Delbo, Jill Thompson, Rick Geary
(CA) Geof Darrow

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