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Italian comic book artist Matteo Scalera has worked on Batman, Daredevil, Deadpool, and is the artist and co-creator of the sci-fi drama Black Science with writer Rick Remender.
Don Quixote meets Narcos in Sean Gordon Murphy's Zorro: Man of the Dead. In this modern reimagining, the writer-artist behind DC Comic's Batman: White Knight, delivers a fresh take on the legendary swashbuckling hero.
Diego is a young man who is convinced that he's Zorro. As a child, he suffered a psychotic break after witnessing the murder of his parents by the drug cartel in his village. To cope with the trauma, he embraced the 200-year-old legend of Zorro by donning the mask, training with the sword, and declaring war on the Narcos for the sake of his people.

(W) Sean Gordon Murphy
(A) Sean Gordon Murphy
(CA) Matteo Scalera



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